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Aromatherapy & the Power of Smell

The pure essential oils produced from plants and trees each have a distinctive aroma and set of properties.  These properties are used by Aromatherapists to help people manage their emotions and medical problems.  There are many claims and counter claims however regardless of this, aromatherapy has been used for centuries and for many people it is a truly remarkable practice.  Even if the properties of an essential oil are in dispute, what is not disputable is the individual aroma of each one.

Oil Burners & Vaporisers

The most well known method of taking advantage of the wonderful aroma of these oils is by using an oil burner.  Oil Burners are usually an ornate design with an area to place a tea light candle over which will be a well in which to pour an essential oil or blend.  A blend is a mix of essential oils that together create a different aroma.  A popular one is nutmeg and cinnamon at Christmas time.  You can also use fragrance oils which are chemically created smells or simmering granules which are fragrance oils in granular form that melt slowly over the heat giving off their aroma.  You can even use some perfume and if you want to make it last longer add some water.  The main problem with an oil burner is a bare light on the candle which cannot be left alone.

The next generation of oil burners are electric and these present a safer option with a very low electricity wattage. These can be left switched on and even when the oil dries up there is no problem.  These units can be left on the floor behind furniture or just about anywhere.  The styling is restricted so they are not decorative.  The essential oils are degraded by direct contact to heat so aromatherapy purists would not choose to use this type of unit.

The later generation of ultrasonic diffusers are very good.  They are multi purpose diffusers.  There are a number of unique designs with more coming onto the market all the time. These units have safety features and are easy to use and keep clean. For aromatherapy practitioners they offer the opportunity to suspend essential oils in water to diffuse the maximum aroma and properties. These units are a diffuser, night light, humidifier, and ioniser offering more versatility, however, they are more expensive.

It is fun to research and experiment with different essential oils, for example lavender, peppermint or rosewood could help alleviate a headache, the citrus oils will make you feel more lively, lavender and chamomile will calm and help sleep, rose is calming and uplifting.  To lift a depression, try bergamot, clary sage, mellisa or vetivert.  For a sick room; tea tree will kill bacteria in the air, eucalyptus will help with clearing a blocked nose and tight chest and lemon will refresh the air.  Try more practical uses such as keeping insects at bay by using peppermint, or lemongrass.  Citronella is always a good oil to keep moths at bay and insects from a BBQ.  You can buy a small diffuser that plugs into the cigarette lighter in your car and lemongrass is good for stopping animal and stale smells.  In all cases be aware of the effects of pure essential oils before use and use sparingly if pregnant, not at all up to 4 months.

Many of the fragrance oils and simmering granules come in interesting smells such as toffee apple, cherry, vanilla, fresh linen and many more.  So, whether you want to try the properties that essential oils offer or just want a beautiful aroma in your home there are many options to suit all environments and tastes.  We all have different sensitivities to smell so test first.

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