Aromatherapy base oils, creams & hydrolats are ideal for all manner of aromatherapy massage and skin care. Extracted from a variety of plants, our base products are non greasy and certified fresh at source.

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100ml Organic Bulgarian Rose Water

100% Pure organic Rose Water Rosa Damascena floral water, steam-distilled from fresh hand picked Bulgarian Rosa Damascena rose petals.

Argan Base Oil

Believed to be one of the rarest oils in the world, argan oil is a robust, nutty oil made largely in Morocco from the nuts of the argan tree.

Evening Primrose Base Oil

Common Evening Primrose, sometimes known as Evening Star is a Biennial plant common to North America and other temperate countries

Grapeseed Base Oil

Grapes have been harvested and used by humans for food, medicine and various other things for over 10,000 years. Various parts of the plant have been attributed a wide range of medical effects.

Jojoba Base Oil

Jojoba is great for the skin, having positive effect on eczema, dry skin, sun burn, psoriasis and chapped skin.

Rosehip Oil

Rosehip is reknowned for aiding the treatment of scars, wounds, stretch marks, eczema and burns.  It's also often added to moisturisers, suncreams & skin cosmetics to help smooth fine lines and wrinkles.

Sweet Almond Base Oil

Sweet Almond Oil is very similar to Peach Kernel and Apricot Kernel. It is good for nourishing dry skin