cardamom essential oil

Cardamom Aromatherapy Oil

Botanical Name: Elettaria cardamomum

Family: Zingiberaceae

Location: Cardamom is cultivated mainly in India and Sri Lanka.

Extraction: Steam distillation of the leaves.

Colour & Odour: The aromatherapy oil is pale yellow with an agreeable, warm, sweet and spicy aroma.

Description: A leafy stemmed shrub with very long leaves from 30 – 75cm long and pale yellow flowers. The fruits are oval and greyish in colour, about 1.25cm long, and contain dark brown seeds.

Background: Cardamom has a long history of use in India. Also known to the ancient Egyptians and used by the Greeks and Romans. The Arabs later also recognised its digestive properties, often grinding it with their coffee. Cardamom is popular in Eastern European countries.

Properties: Warming, tonic, stimulant, refreshing, invigorating, digestive and aphrodisiac.

Precaution: This oil is best used in lower concentrations as it may cause irritation in sensitive people.

Emotional: Cardamom’s distinct, uplifting and lightening effect helps to clear the mind of confusion. Cheers the heart and counters selfishness. Stimulates the mind to enable clear thinking.

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