cedarwood atlas essential oil

Cedarwood Aromatherapy Oil

Botanical Name: Cedrus atlantica

Family: Pinaceae

Location: The Atlas cedar is found in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco and Algeria. The Cedar in Lebanon, closely related to the Atlas cedar, grows in the Middle East where, sadly, great forests have been reduced to small groves due to over-exploitation.

Extraction: Steam distillation of the wood chips.

Colour & Odour: The aromatherapy oil is yellow in colour and viscid, resembling sandalwood. It has a rich, warm, woody and masculine fragrance which is harmonious and long lasting.

Description: A stately evergreen tree growing up to 40m high. The wood is hard and highly aromatic.

Background: The Cedar of Lebanon has been used since ancient times as incense and also for timber in Egypt. Solomon bought vast quantities to build the Great Temple in Jerusalem during biblical times. Also used by Tibetan monks as a temple incense to aid meditation.

Properties: Sedative, astringent, expectorant, tonic, antiseptic and mucolytic.


Emotional: Cederwood clears the mind when it is clogged with anxiety and nervous tension. Good for daydreamers and the absent-minded. It releases aggression and relaxes the analytical mind. Helps individuals to develop a sense of balance and self-control in their lives.

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