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Make Your Own Conservatory Cleaner

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In a test this product appeared to keep spiders and other crawling insects from the cleaned surfaces within a conservatory for more than 9 months.  Spider webs did appear on surfaces that had not been cleaned such as cane furniture. The test was carried out on a UPVC fabricated conservatory.

To make:

In a 10ml bottle add equal quantities of the following pure essential oils Lemongrass, Lavender, Cedarwood, Citronella and Peppermint.

This concentrated 10ml blend must be diluted and will be sufficient for 1 or 2 applications depending upon the size of the conservatory.

  1. This blend MUST be diluted before use
  2. Shake well then add to a solution of warm soapy water(approximately 1 gallon)
  3. You can also add white vinegar to help reduce grease
  4. Wash the UPVC using a clean cloth or sponge
  5. If the area is very dirty you may wish to clean with warm soapy water prior to the Bugaway application
  6. Wear protective gloves
  7. Do not spill onto furniture or plants
  8. Can be used to clean a tiled floor

If you are unsure of the use of essential oils seek professional advice

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